To become a registered member or legal distributor of AIM Global, Inc., you just avail the Global Package worth P 7,980.00.

The Global Business Registration Package provides you a wide range of benefits as follows:

1. 1 Global Package with products worth between P 6,000 – P 6,825.00 (Combo Packages of your choice). The return on products is around 80% thus, this is not pyramiding. What constitutes pyramiding is when the return on products is below 74% of your capital exposure. Hence, more on recruiting people to join the network and not with people who are loyal to the products.

2. After the registration, you’ll get 25% lifetime discount on all products in your next repurchase for a lifetime.

3. Business Kit with DVD on the product and the marketing plan and other enclosed brochures and literatures.

4. Data Tracking Center (Free Web Page). Our business is internet-based for purposes of monitoring of recruits up to infinity, our daily sales and transactions and for encashment of our income (anywhere on the globe, we can monitor our sales and the activity of our downline members). Our website address is You may access your account by logging on using your User Name and Password.

5. ATM Card either BDO (local) or Chinatrust for international . It is a zero-maintaining ATM cards. Our income will be withdrawn through our ATM after 24 hours from encashment at our site.

6. Global Business. We emphasize here global because the distribution started in the Philippines and it will further spread to other countries as AIM Global continues to hold on to a 30-year contract with Nature’s Way.

7. Scholarship Plan. This scholarship plan is transferable but not for sale. The scholar will avail 50%-100% discount, with no entrance examination and no maintaining grade. This will apply to any 2, 3, 4 years or any short courses with our affiliated schools nationwide. As of the present, we have tied up around 300 schools nationwide.

8. Free Medical Check-up worth P 2,000+. You may avail this with any of our linked clinics and laboratories nationwide for a period of one year. Discounts will be given for the succeeding years.

9. Insurances. AIM Global, Inc. has tied up with MAFRE Insular for the following insurances:

P 200,000.00 – Personal Accident Insurance

P 50,000.00 – Unprovoked Murder or Assault

P 10,000.00 – Medical Reimbursement

P 10,000.00 – Burial Assistance

This is good only for one year, however, it is renewable every year with only a minimal due.

The investment is so small but it has a big return. The company is that so generous to its distributors. So even if you will do the marketing or not, still you earn great return of your money. So, definitely, it’s not a scam.



With love & appreciation of every single action Greenpeace does

Over consumption is the corollary of self- indulgence when humans are taught from an early age that they need a myriad of different things, when used-to-be luxuries become perceived as "necessities", when you follow you greed instincts and "do-as-others-do" trend. When the garbage becomes fashionable, and you compile that trash because everyone else around you is doing the same. When it's accepted as OK, because one has been taught that he or she is the center of the Universe and everything around is subservient to his or her ambitions, wishes and desires.

Economic growth is limited, personal growth is not if one assumes that personal growth implies , first and foremost, the personal responsibility for every single action, be it a trivial throwing of a plastic bottle into the right trash bin to a much more noble idea of looking around, watching your own actions and contemplating and counting at least 2 steps in advance to draw in your mind the picture of not so distant future. 

Some people might think that environmental problems won't do much harm to them personally. I count it as one of the acts of self-delusion. Environmental problems are more than REAL. Sitting in a Facebook chat is surreal. Breathing carbon dioxide instead of oxygen is REAl. We dont perceive it as such, though. ( IF only our eyes, noses, lungs were capable of speaking, what would they tell us, how would they blame us, I wonder?!))) Technologies make us believe that all these issues are resolvable. You just need all those policy makers come together and overcome collective action problems. Clean technologies will change our economies. They are the solution. However, their impact is Limited and will always be limited because you simply can't reverse the process, you can't reclaim the damage already done for decades.

With love & appreciation of every single action Greenpeace does, 

Dina Tasman.


Why not action-reaction in one life?

Somebody may ask, “Why should I suffer now for my actions in a previous life? Why so much delay?”

Different seeds fructify after different time durations. Grains harvest after two or three months, some fruit seeds produce fruits after twenty years and some seeds may even take hundred years to fructify.

Every action that we do is like a seed sown. The seed will fructify and we cannot escape the result.

One may say, “I don’t like this fruit, I don’t want it.” But one will be forced to eat the fruit, even if it is thorny.

The reactions will come, but different types of karma seeds (actions) have different time durations after which they fructify.

Why do different actions give reactions after different time durations? To understand this, let’s probe deeper into the mechanism of karma, as is illustrated through an incident from the Mahabharata.

After the bloody Kurukshetra war, Dhritrarashtra asked Krishna, “I had hundred sons and all of them were killed in the war. Why?

Krishna replied, “Fifty lifetimes ago, you were a hunter. While hunting, you tried to shoot a male bird, but it flew away. In anger, you ruthlessly slaughtered the hundred baby birds that were there in the nest. The father-bird had to watch in helpless agony. Because you caused that father-bird the pain of seeing the death of his hundreds sons, you too had to bear the pain of your hundred sons dying.

Dhritarastra said, “Ok, but why did I have to wait for fifty lifetimes?”

Krishna answered, “You were accumulating punya (pious credits) during the last fifty lifetimes to get a hundred sons because that requires a lot of punya. Then you got the reaction for the papa (sin) that you have done fifty lifetimes ago.”

Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita (4.17) gahana karmano gatih, that the way in which action and reaction works is very complex. God knows best which reaction has to be given at what time in what condition. Therefore, some reaction may come in this lifetime, some in the next and some in a distant future lifetime.

There is a saying, “The mills of God grind slow but they grind exceedingly fine.” So, every single action will be accounted for, sooner or later.

The Srimad Bhagavatam gives the example: if we have a cowshed with thousand calves and if we leave a mother cow there, she will easily find out where her calf is among those thousands. She has this mystical ability.

Similarly, our karma will find us among the millions of people on this planet. There may be thousands of people going on the road but only one of them meets with an accident. It is not by chance, it’s by karma.

Thus, the law of karma works exceedingly fine; it may be slow to act, but no one can escape.


Happy Spring!

The sun finally came out yesterday long enough to dry it out a little, so I managed to get the majority of my garden in. Already had garlic, onions, radish, carrots, peas, spinach, potatoes and a couple tomatoes out (ran out of room and couldn't pinch them), along with my perennial herbs, berries and artichoke. Due to memory issues every year I learn a lot over again.. This year I am determined to document every step so next year I will know how I succeeded.


Yesterday I planted bush beans, beets, put out the rest of my tomato babies, half of my squashes (2 zucchini, one butternut and pumpkin) because they were too tall for the light anymore. I freed my root bound catnip from its one gallon pot and gave it a dedicated bed next to the front steps. Moved my artichoke into a large wooden box with extra poo soup and Peggy Green minerals. It doesn't look good so hopefully it comes back. I also discovered something ate all my baby lettuce, and many of my carrots.


Banana slugs are a huge problem here. I have found hand picking is my best defense, but this time of year when it is not light before I go to work it is hard to keep up. Copper tape really works, though it's costly, if you have small slugs/snails in your area. Many of the slugs here are large enough to kind of "inchworm" over the one inch wide strip. This year I am trying crushed eggshells and Diatomaceous earth around the perimeter of the plants. It is my understanding once DE gets wet it won't work anymore which means it is short term protection here

This year I am trying a combined companion planting/square foot gardening as well as some new herbs, and flowers. Today

I'm going to plant more lettuce and try, try again.

Garden Successes

  • Strawberries 
  • Raspberries 
  • Lettuce 
  • Radish 
  • Tomato 
  • BushBeans 
  • Cucumbers 
  • Peas 
  • Parsley 
  • Rosemary 
  • GreenOnions

Not successes

  • Squash 
  • Potato 
  • Carrots
  • Any flower

I'd love to hear other experiences. Any tips are appreciated!

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